Tournament for Windows

TOURNAMENT 12.1 is a management system for professional ranking championships and also small club cups. It's approved of by the German Tennis Association DTB (Deutscher Tennisbund). TOURNAMENT has been on the market since 1994. Currently there are more than 3000 users in Germany and other German speaking countries. Even European Championships have been administered with it.

- several event types as single, double and mixed doubles
    + elimination system with consolation
    + double elimination system
    + round robin
    + party
    + Triple KO
- export the events as HTML into the internet
- manage your own players database
- create any players, seeding and winners lists with different sorting criteria
- easily transfer data to or from office programs
- manage a schedule
- drag & drop
- zooming of all windows
- validate time and court of the matches
- print diplomas
- print match cards and player cards
- use several bitmaps in your event printouts
- and much more.

TOURNAMENT Professional additionally offers
- export tournament as PDF into the internet (even without own homepage)
- import online registrations from the internet
- qualification and sign in
- automatic seeding
- consider the strict rules of the DTB and ITF
- print collective receipts and bills (even for a whole club or state)
- control over the matches and events of a certain player
- optimized player lists for the next match
- use the players database of the DTB
- report the results to the DTB
- tournament statistic

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